Veranda Beach will release their  debut album on December 29.  The band including Thorold native Vincent Sirianni invites everyone to  celebrate at the place where it all started, the Thorold Royal Canadian Legion on Ormond Street. Veranda Beach will be playing all night long so come out, have a few drinks with the band and enjoy lots of great music! Make sure to arrive early because the a full house is expected.  The show will run from 9am to 1am.

Based out of Thorold, Veranda Beach is the perfect blend of of classic blues, smooth soul and powerful rock and roll.  The band members include:
  • Allan Ivey- Vocals
  • Dan Bowie- Drums
  • Derek Grandmaison- Guitar
  • Chris Viccica- Bass
  • Vince Sirianni- Keys/Organ
Location: Thorold