Thorold Real Estate facts really stand out in June 2016, as the median listed house price of $282,450 in the city was a below average compared to the rest of Ontario, according to “Canadian Real Estate Wealth Directory”.  The report shows  national survey shows the most common number of bedroom property being listed has 3 bedrooms, in June this neighbourhood’s most common listing has properties with fewer bedrooms.

For a house in Thorold, here are some statistics to consider based on the survey in June, 2016.

  • Median price $282,450
  • Monthly growth -3.35 %  ( June price was down from May when it averaged,$292, 250.

If you’re looking for a large choice of properties on sale when you’re adding to your real estate investment portfolio, then Thorold has a huge choice compared to the rest of the province.

Thorold Real Estate Facts

There are a number of important pieces of research you should do before deciding where to buy an investment property – this data for Thorold will hopefully provide an indicator to help you where to research in-depth. It’s always hard to tell what property prices will do over the coming months, but over the last three months the properties available for purchase in Thorold have stayed pretty much the same which would tend to indicate that demand is steady, according to the report.

Thorold real estate facts and statistics for buyers or sellers can help in making decisions when dealing with your property.  Here is some information to know: Thorold (2011 population 17,931) is a city in Ontario, Canada, located in the Niagara Region along the Niagara Escarpment. Thorold is also the home location of the Regional Municipality of Niagara headquarters. The Welland Canal runs through the heart of Thorold, which is why many people call it the canal city where the Twin Flight Locks, located downtown, draw thousands of tourists annually.

The population of the City of Thorold, although not reflective of the area of land it encompasses, is a relatively small community that enjoys the benefits of an urban centre as well as country living.

What’s the average price of a Thorold home?

With a median listing price of $259,900, Thorold is the 1713th most expensive in Canada when ordered by median listing price. The $259,900 price on the median Thorold home means that it is above the cost of most houses in the country. Across Canada the most common number of bedroom property being listed has 3 bedrooms, in November this neighbourhood’s most common listing has properties with fewer bedrooms. This month we track 93th neighbourhoods in Ontario, and Thorold has the 93th most choice available for real estate investors. It’s never an exact art, but to try to forecast how property is going to appreciate in Thorold for investors, it’s important to look at data like:

For real estate in Thorold, housing stock has stayed the same over the last three months, which would tend to mean that home supply and demand are equal. Source: Canadian Real Estate Wealth

Thorold real estate market and population characteristics (Statistics Canada, 2011 Census)


  • Population 2011: 17,931
  • Median Age: 41.4
  • Percentage of Population 15 & Over 84.2
  • Total Private Dwellings 7,080
  • Population Density per Sq. Km 216.0
  • Land Area 83 Sq. Km
  • For detailed and up-to-date demographic statistics, please visit Statistics Canada website.

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